A weekend in Santa Rosa

Some photos from my visit to my boyfriend's family in Santa Rosa, a small and adorably hippie-esque town about 30 minutes outside of the city! Our weekend was full of hiking, swimming, great conversation, and lots & lots of delicious food! Dylan's aunt lives on the most beautiful piece of land with a garden that I dream of having access to whenever I'm chopping up some veggies from the supermarket. Artichokes, kale, tomatoes, apples, pears as big as two fists, and everything in between! Above is a photo of a flower that sprouted from a seed smuggled in from France! I have never smelled anything so beautiful. Dylan and I visited her place again just last weekend and I immediately ran to greenhouse to search for the flower. Sadly, the flower had lived and died, but the tall green leaves surrounding it were still as big and green as ever.  

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