Seattle Things

A weekend at home in Seattle with my parents, via Instagram.
 A lovely meal at Sitka & Spruce in the Melrose Market, where I had wild chamomile cured salmon and a bit too much red wine // Sunday morning on the porch with Anaîs Nin, Birkenstocks, and a cup of coffee // A day at Totokaelo, Elliot Bay Bookstore, and Oddellows Cafe with my old friend Delaney whom I cherish more than she may know // More food with my dad at Whale Wins in Seattle. Lovely new restaurant that I would happily return to for a weekly lunch. The menu is just perfect! I have eaten at Walrus and The Carpenter many a time, another one of Renéee Erickson’s restaurants, and I am looking forward to seeing what else she has in store for the Seattle area! 

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