Weekly Roundup: 1

Amtrak is offering free rides across the country for writers, and it all started from a tweet. 

5by is a video concierge, offering a very well curated lineup of videos for your every mood. 

Life Hacker presents a student guide to Google. Tips and tricks I am more capable for knowing. 

Can I Stream.it allows you to search for any movie and provides you with every avenue across the web to watch it.  

Jauntful gives you the tools to create printable city guides for yourself or friends, including travel tips, menu notes, etc. 

Rules for My Unborn Son. A cute gift idea for a friend expecting a baby boy! 

f.lux changes the color of your computer's display to adapt to the time of day. 

Understanding ObamaCare in less than an hour thanks to Less Accounting. 

This song, by Andrew Bird, is just incredible. 

TED has released a lineup for 2014. 

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