Writing // A Poem for You

I have loved you gently

And wasn’t that the point?
Not to love at once,
But to love endlessly, reliably,

I have loved your winter skin, ivory white and seashell pink,
I have loved your slumber - deep, docile,
And I have loved you,
Loved your gaze,
Your daunting sincerity,
Your soft, slow speech,
The subtle comfort of your stubble cheek on my warm lap.

To be with you is to say,
choose you
To say,
You are mine and I am yours
And this is enough.

Our love has not changed
The way most love does,
Rich and consuming at first,
Sad and vacant at last,

Our love has altered,
Shifted, adapted,
Made room for more,
Because love is not built for permanency,
It is built for growth,
For freedom, for possibility
For space to become something other than what it was the day before.

In seven hundred and thirty days
I have seen much of you and you have seen much of me,
But we have not seen it all,
And that is what makes me love you the most.

- Me, for You. 


Anonymous said...

I love this beautiful poem, and the fact l that you wrote it!

Meaghan Murphy said...

Thank you so much!